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Thoughts for the day, 1-26-17

When I shop at Target, I often hear an announcement letting the clerks know that a customer needs assistance in one of the aisles. When I hear, “Help is needed in the diaper (or whatever) aisle. Who is responding?” I swear, I have to do everything in my power to restrain myself from shouting, “I...
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Woman who dislikes shopping suffers retail injury!


Throughout history, the females in my family have had a genetic predisposition for shopping. They were also blessed with strong constitutions allowing them to stand for hours examining their reflections, looking for perfection. And then they’d go out to lunch.

The love of shopping...

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It’s Guest Blogger Time! Today’s Feature: “I Didn’t Have my Glasses on”

Hi, All! I think one of the benefits of blogging is finding other blogs I like to read. The blogging community is full of really nice, interesting people, and amazing writers. We also like to introduce each other to our readers by asking bloggers we admire to be Guest Bloggers. This comes in handy when we've "gone...
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Hopefully New and Improved from an Hour ago! It’s Fro-back Friday! The Saturday Edition!

  [caption id="attachment_2544" align="alignleft" width="243"]2014-06-05 10.48.11 Veronica's "selfie" after she brushed out her curls.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_2554" align="alignright" width="243"]Side view of Veronica after she brushed out her hair to illustrate tat her hair needs its own zip code. Read More