About Leslie

I always knew I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.

I never grew up, but I am a writer.

My good friend, the cartoonist Sharon Rosenzweig, captured one of my kitchen catastrophes in this cartoon.

My humorous website, lesliejochase.com, is what came out of the oven after combining my blogs “Tales of Wild Boomba” and “She Said to No one in Particular.” I’ve also incorporated chapters from I Married Him Anyway, added a few videos, and sprinkled in humorous articles I’ve written for newspapers and magazines over the years.

Luckily I write better than I cook.

I tend to find humor just about everywhere and love to write about it and share it with you. Please subscribe so you’ll get an email whenever I post something new.

Many thanks to my wranglers Ryan Erwin, Blair Miller of AppleLearn, LLC,  and Brian Sugarman at MACnician.

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