JEDI Ice Skating

For as long as I can remember, we’ve gone ice skating at Watts Ice Center in Glencoe the day after Thanksgiving with our friends, also known as The Buddies.

I became an honorary Buddy when I married Richard in 1986. They’re his friends from elemenary through high school who adopted me as one of their own, even though I grew up in Highland Park.

Since many of the usual characters were unavailable to participate in this year’s annual skating event due to disturbances in The Force, such as knee surgeries, bursitis, and sinus infections, a new Alliance was formed, calling themselves “Just Everyday Dudes Iceskating,” or JEDI.

Terry,  Richard,  Lucas,  Daniel,  and  Coach  “Sofshu”  Grandmoff   Lorraine.

Since Daniel is from Florida, he took a lot of photos and movies to send to his friends back home who have never seen snow, or an outdoor ice rink. The things we take for granted …

I tried to help by taking snapchats with his phone, but I have no idea how they turned out and, because he’s so polite, he wouldn’t tell me if I ended up snap chatting a tree. By the way, what is a snap chat?

While explaining the difficulty of a triple Lutz to the JEDI, Luke finds Richard’s lack of faith disturbing. Fighting the Dark Side within him, Luke stops short of giving him a Force Choke when Richard keeps repeating, “Luke, I am your father.”




Luke scans the ice for signs of danger. The words of Admiral Ackbar, “It’s a Trap!” keep him ever vigilent.

Fellow JEDI, “Buddy” Williams arrives at the rink, and stealthily glides onto the ice. He scans the perimeter, as Richard prepares to fulfill his destiny by performng a move he refers to as “Warp-Speed-Sky-Walking.” Sadly, it was not Jason Brown “Riverdance” quality.
I have no idea who this Dude is, but I like his “Do. Or Do Not. There is no Try.” swagger.


Luke is pleased with the results of the JEDI Men’s Short Program, even though he wishes he could have recruited Highland Park’s own Jason Brown,  2014 U.S. Olympic Team Bronze medalist and 2014 U. S. Silver medalist.




Daniel prepares to execute a flawless Tountoun Spin.

Pleased with his performance, Daniel smiles at his adoring fans.  The Force is strong in this one.
Before entering hyperspace, Richard and Terry skate another round on the Planet Watts.
Terry flashes his signature smile, driving the fans wild!
Overall, Luke is happy with the JEDI’s efforts, and ready to board the Millennium Falcon with them to return to their home planet, Highland Park.


Daniel, Terry, Lucas, Richard, and “Buddy” relax after a great day of skating, with Coach “Sofshu” Grandmoff Lorraine.



This post was originally a photo album I made for Facebook.  Since not every person in this galaxy, or even galaxies far, far away, uses Facebook,  I turned the photo album into a post for my website. The Force is strong in this one (me) because my husband, Richard, has been an avid Darth Vader collector since the very first movie was released in 1977. One must know the ways of  The Force when married to one whose alter ego is Darth Vader.