Improvised Standup Comedy

I just called a local acting company to sign up for a class. I thought it would be fun to take improv with my father, Norman. Because my dad needs to use a walker I wanted to see if the venue was handicap accessible. I spoke to someone and explained my dad’s needs which were a ramp to get into and out of ¬†the place, and a chair to sit on during class.

The person I spoke with told me that the venue was handicap accessible but that ¬†improv class is very interactive and that my dad might be better off in a standup comedy class. I thought he was kidding. I started to laugh and said, “Did you just say that my father who uses a walker and needs to sit in a chair would be better off in a standup class”? The guy didn’t laugh. The guy didn’t get it. The guy can’t take a joke.

I think I’ll call a different acting company.

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