What Would You Do?

I love to watch the ABC television show “What Would You Do?” with John Quinones. He and a team of actors and hidden-camera operators stage situations and then watch to see the reactions of everyday people like you and me.

The actors usually play out emotionally charged scenes in nice restaurants or upscale retail stores. The real people who happen to be in those locations witness everything from rude behavior to racism, and either step in to try to help or diffuse the situation, or walk away.

What I’ve learned from watching this show is that our population is generally moral, ethical, and compassionate. The other thing I’ve learned from watching this show is that our population needs to take a closer look at its wardrobe.

Pardon my snark, but you never know when or where John Quinones is going to show up to take your moral temperature, so before you go out in public, look in a mirror.

I don’t mean to get all Joan Rivers Fashion Police on you, but if you knew there was even the slightest chance you’d end up on television in ill-fitting, mismatched clothing, and hair the color of nothing found in nature wouldn’t you take more than 24 seconds to choose what you were going to wear?

We’ve all done it. I do it all the time and promise myself I won’t ever do it again because I might run into my mother, of all people, whose first question has always been, “Where’s your lipstick and earrings”?

I know John creeps up on unsuspecting people in the middle of highly charged situations, but we should take a good look at ourselves– and our pride.

I propose a spin-off of “What Would You Do”? This show would feature the every-day people who appeared on-camera in those trendy restaurants and designer-carrying department stores looking like they got dressed during a power outage and ask, “What Were You Thinking”?

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