“FRO-BACK FRIDAY!” Frizz Happens

These photos of my mom and me were taken c. 1970’s & 1980’s in Palm Springs, California, and Miami, Florida. They prove whether you’re in the hot, dry desert or the heat and humidity near the ocean,

Scan 2
Mom at the pool in Palm Springs


Richard, Mom, and me after playing tennis in Palm Springs. 


Scan 2 copy 2
On the ocean in Miami
Scan 2 copy
Mom sitting on the beach

mom and me 1

Mom and me on the beach


Thanks for taking all the pictures, Dad!

We want to see your fros! Please e mail jpeg photo attachments to lesliejochase@gmail.com. Add a little information about where and when the photos were taken, what your favorite song was at the time, ya know, stuff like that, and you and your hair could be featured in an upcoming  “Fro-Back Friday” blog post.

(Yes, I know it’s Sunday, but it feels like a Friday to me.)

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