Don’t Let This Happen to You!

Phoebe sleeping on dishwasherAt 11:00 PM last night, even though I was really tired, I thought I had at least one hour of writing brainpower left in me. I was wrong.

1. I woke up and realized I had drifted off for a minute or two. I looked at my computer screen. I had created 137 blank pages.

2. Before falling asleep, I did get some writing done. I had written two lines:



mmmm               /          ////fd                        fffn∫∫˜

3. I have no idea what those last symbols mean.

4. I have no idea how I even made those last symbols.

5. I began deleting the blank pages. I stopped to check to see how many more I needed to delete, thinking I had done a pretty good job, so far. There were still 108.

6. More deleting of blank pages. I still had 76 to go.

7. My forehead hurt. I realized that when I’d fallen asleep, I had used the open lid of my computer as a head rest.

8. Yes, it left a dent.

9 Replies to “Don’t Let This Happen to You!”

  1. The symbols may be the result of a small drool pool forming on some keys and making the right connections for symbol creation. Just a possibility.

    The one good thing I am getting from this is that you did not wakeup with dreaded RKF, resting keyboard face, which can be very embarrassing, especially if a picture ever got out


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