Pay no attention to the ditz behind the computer!

I know. I know. If you’re a subscriber to my website, and you really should be, despite this notification, you have already received 5,000 email notifications about new blog posts which are, in reality, old posts. I should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery without supervision.

Thanks, Mom, for letting me know what a dork I am, and laughing about the fact that I said The Chicago Blackhawks Convention begins today and runs through July 17th OF LAST YEAR!

All I wanted to do was edit several blog posts, thinking I would “refresh” them. I did not expect the little Mail Chimp who lives inside my computer to spit a bunch of emails at you.


The good news is that the next post you’ll be notified about will be freshly written. The only problem is that it’s about the Chicago Blackhawks … AGAIN! So, I’m sorry for all the confusion. If you’re confused, imagine how I feel right now!


This is what happened when I cut my own hair the night before picture day.
This is what happened when I cut my own hair the night before picture day.


Thank you for taking this journey with me, and allowing me to learn from my mistakes, knowing I’ll probably make the same ones again in the near future.


11 Replies to “Pay no attention to the ditz behind the computer!”

    1. If this is whole farce combined with my homemade hair style, the goofy look on my face, and the fact that I’m gazing off into the sunset in that picture made you smile, Elizabeth Williams, it was well worth it!

  1. Leslie, I know you are under a strain, but I have to tell you that I didn’t mind rereading the Blackhawks piece from last July. What I especially wanted to see was the cartoon of Richard. Somehow I couldn’t find that in the blog. Did I miss something?

    1. The cartoon of Richard is part of the cartoon of our family and dogs, cartooned by Sharon Rosenzweig. It appears on every page of my website. Maybe you read the “reader’s version?” That version is just text; nothing but the text!

    1. Stephanie! How the heck are you? I’ll never forget taking a walk around the block, and just when I was passing your house, you burst through the front door and said, “Leslie! How the heck are you?” It means everything to me that you, a tiny version of Coco Chanel, would say I was cute!

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